Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Practice log

Bastien 45 minutes All through the Night and Michale Row the Boat Ashore
Dotted Rhythm notations.

On Wings of Song 35 minutes Chord progressions getting easier but still not smooth. I feel awkward.

I got a call today that the insurance company got off of its butt and approved the Remicade. Maybe now I will get some relief. My left wrist, shoulders and hands really hurt. Thank god my hips and knees are ok. I really need to lose weight. Maybe that will help. as of right now my diet starts. Maybe when the Remicade starts I will be able to ecercise more. Although I understand nausea is a side effect of Remicade. Maybe I won't have that or if I do it will go away soon. I have enough nausea from the methotraxte. (sp) I just found this wonderful site Creaky Joints I think I will join. I would love a support group.

Speaking of doctors my little one now has to have an allergy test. Thankfully it is a blood test and not all of the little needles. She goes Friday. I know more school missed but at least next week is the last week of school. They can't possibly be doing anything important. I hope not anyway. So let's see she was off Monday, missed today and will miss Friday. Oh and she will also miss next Tuesday too. At least the Tuesday appointments are a bit apart. I have an appointment in the afternoon she has one in the morning at the dentist. Mine is the eye doctor. I just had Lasik and cataracts removed. I see great now but still need reading glasses.

Now for the neighbor. At least she did not complain today. *Grin* I heard her radio since eight this am. Wonder if I ought to go complain? Probably not. As much as it kills me I will be the mature adult. I just wish she would play something other than Christian rock. I have now added a genre of music that I don't like. If I play the stereo low I can't hear her. Good thing I usually keep it on. :)