Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sore hands

Today I played pretty well for sore hands.

Bastien 40 minutes Michael Row the Boat Ashore and All Through the Night. I remember singing that to my little one when she was a baby. So it is really cool to be able to play it. It goes something like this:

Sleep my child and peace attend thee all through the night. Guardian angels god will send thee all through the night.

On Wings of Song 20 minutes, The chords are getting a bit easier but still not smooth.

I bought Hallelujah for easy piano. They lied. It is not easy. I will have it for when I can play it though. Interesting enough it is the same melody repeated five times. I didn't realize pop songs were so repetitive. Anyway I will bring it to class on Saturday so my teacher can look at it and tell me when she thinks it will be a good time to begin playing it. I am waiting for the Raider's March to come in. I really think it will be easier and that I could play it sooner. Hopefully it will come in tomorrow.

My little one was home sick again. She will be out again Friday because of an allergist appointment. Her face swelled up and the dr. wanted me to take her to the allergist ASAP. At least I can find out where this guy is. I am familiar with the area. My husband is going to La. to get his mother's car and help his brother pack up. So now my in-laws will be within a few blocks of us. On that note I am going to do laundry. Yippee


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa. I reached your blog, and have written you an email. Could you plz find the time to read and reply. My email is and the email to you is captioned " WILL YOU PLZ REPLY, MELISSA". Thank you so much. George ( from India).