Monday, May 26, 2008

Music Complaints

My neighbor did not take the news that I wanted her garden fixed well. I told her about the letter and all she did was complain about the homeowner's association. What a %^$#*. (My daughter reads this so I have to keep it clean:) )

I am not asking her for a lot of work. I really ought to post a picture if I could then you can see what I am complaining about. *sigh* She is still complaining about the music. Seems she was outside and heard it during her memorial day party. Big whoop. I think I am going to ignore her. I am not doing anything against the rules. I really want to move. This makes me feel bad but I am GOING to play regardless of if she likes it or not. After all she can always move. I guess she doesn't like All through the Night or On the wings of Song the 2 pieces I am currently working on. She can go stuff it.I think I am going to play and GASP it is after five.