Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doctor time

Well my little girl is sick. Darn allergies. She can't go to school and I am hoping she can go tomorrow. She hates t miss. Although the school year is nearly over so I think it is ok now. She hasn't missed much school.

Her being home has thrown off my practice schedule.

10 min Bastien
10 minutes On Wings of Song.

Maybe I can practice more later. Tomorrow she may be home and my Dad is getting new furniture. FOr some reason he wants me there when they deliver so I have to go to his house from 12:30 to 3:30. Problem is my daughter gets home at 3. So I hope the furniture is here soon.

I may write more later writing keeps my mind off of the RA. I am feeling fairly nauseous from the meds. Now I find out that Remicade has nausea as a side effect. It also has other nasty side effects that may show up. I am hoping that they don't. THen again I will not have to worry at all if the doctor does not get approval from the darn insurance. You would think that if the doctor said you needed something than the insurance would pay for it.

I am wondering if I could get more lesson time? It is so nice to have that 30 minutes just for me spent doing something that I like. Probably not cause life in mommyland just doesn't seem to work that way.


Tristan's World said...

I love you mommy and you are a great writer.:)