Friday, May 23, 2008

A chord a day

Weird title I know. But I finally got one of the chords I was having trouble with. It is not terribly smooth but it is there.

Practice time today

45 minutes on Bastien
25 minutes for On Wings of Song (that is the one with the chord problems)
15 minutes on scales (yecch)

I am so annoyed about swim team. We have about 300 parents give or take and can only get 4 to be officials. We need more. No officials no meets. No meets = unhappy children with no team. Everything is voluntary. I promised to do ribbons and my husband promised to do computers cause we have no freakin clue about the proper strokes needed. If I did I would volunteer. At this rate I am holding off buying the tent. No point if we have no meets. And some of these people were here last year so you know they have a clue about the strokes. I hate the 'let somebody else do it' mentality. I wish... Such is life. With the RA I probable couldn't do it anyway.

Still waiting on approval from the insurance people about the Remicade. I wish they would get off of there behinds and approve me. Now that I have psyched Myself up to take it I want to get the stupid thing started.

This post has been awful whiney. I swear I am not whiney. Honest. I am just frustrated. So I will stop complaining and go do something else. After all I just bought an elliptical. I think I will go and use it. One last complaint. The "c" key is acting weird on my computer. Odd how many times you use "c". Hope I don't need a new keyboard.