Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well the R.A. is acting up today. I got in 15 min. and had to stop. I hope that the new medicine will help. I want to play and can hear how it ought to sound but cannot make my fingers work.

15 min of basic work in Bastien's and that was it.

edit I just found out the dr. wants me to take remicade. It is a 2 hour infusion drug that is going to cost me about $100 per month give or take.


Shalanna said...

Hi! I came here from the Pianists forum. The weather is playing havoc with my fingers and knees and with my elderly mother's hips--it's humid and really getting hot here in the Dallas area. So I commiserate with you on the pain-while-playing. I wonder--does your teacher have you doing any Hanon or Schmitt exercises as warm-ups? Don't spend a lot of time on them, but I find that Hanon 1 played up and down a few times really loosens up my finger joints. Regarding "On Wings of Song," is that a Melody Bober solo? I think I may have that sheet music in my vast pile of stuff.

I had to laugh about your neighbor. I think it's so wacky when people complain about hearing a piano . . . and at the same time, there are cars passing by with huge vibrating bass from hip-hop and rap music! If you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth (Texas) area, we can get together and play duets. I am an early advanced player when I practice . . . a late intermediate if I haven't practiced for a while. *grin*

Do you have an interest in classical music, or just in playing pop? I play by ear as well as reading music, so I do both. For easy pieces that sound full, try the Paul Sheftel books or the Tom Roed arrangements of jazz standards.

Visit my journal at if you feel like it. I find LiveJournal so much easier to use than Blogger, and I have a "friendslist" there that's so easy to read. But they have put ads on their free accounts now. *aack*