Monday, May 26, 2008

More practice

Bastien 45 min
Scales 15 min
On Wings of Song 20 min

I hope you like my new layout. I got it here.
They had some really nice designs and I had a hard time choosing. I am too old and lazy to make my own.

I did good today considering I didn't feel like practicing. Yea me. My little one is going to be sick tomorrow. I can tell cause her allergies are acting up. Last night I thought her face would swell and I was praying we didn't have an ER visit. Thank goodness we didn't. So since she was feeling somewhat better I took her shopping and to lunch. Lunch somehow devolved from a place with real tablecloths to Burger King. Go figure. Anyway to take matters into extreme weird we won a whopper. Now I have to eat there again.

I bought her a pair of gold hoops and some smaller silver ones. A local jewelery store is going out of business so we racked up. Birthday money was never spent so well. I also got her a waterproof watch for swim practice. We got that at WalMart though. Not sure how well it will hold up but if it lasts the season I will be thrilled.

My friend sent me a picture of her piano and it is awesome. I totally love it. Speaking of pianos I am really in a mood to play so I think that is what I will do.