Saturday, May 24, 2008

Party Day

Practice for today

30 minutes on Bastien
15 minutes On Wings of Song
0 minutes on scales (bad me)

I so wish I could play Raider's March from Raider's of the Lost Ark

Today is my little girl's birthday party so I have been cleaning and setting up kid games. Most of it will take place outside so I hope the weather is nice. Why in the world I spent over an hour cleaning for a bunch of kids to smear cake and ice cream over everything I don't know. Kids are messy. But my house is clean :) I am so excited for her. I hope all her friends show up and she gets lots of goodies. I got her some really neat stuff I hope she likes.

My husband had a meeting today for swim team and I hope he is back in time. He had better be or I will have a nervous breakdown. I may just have one anyway. Planning parties is not my favorite thing although working with my little girl on setup was fun.

The neighbor who hates hearing piano music is back. They wanted a garden around the electric box thingy on the lawn. We said OK cause it is half on our lawn too. They said they would fix it up cause they had ideas and blah blah blah. Well it has been about 4-5 years and it looks like crap. Let me rephrase it has never looked good, the wood around the plants is all funky and just laying there and was never nice in the first place. We have shut up about it long enough. If the neighborhood association fines me I will be pissed. We already got one letter. So I asked my husband to say something to them to fix it up. I am not chickening out he is much more politic than I am and probably won't say something like "Hey this looks like crap please fix it up like you said you would." I tend not to self censor as much as he does. *sigh*

I also found out yesterday she was not coming to my kid's party. Considering we arranged it on a weekend she said was fine I am really mad. Her kids and my kid are friends and I don't want to say anything to mess that up for my daughter. Life is complicated. I already feel that I am on thin ice with this woman cause of the piano and now all of this. Maybe we could move... Like that will ever happen. Maybe she could move and I could mow down the offending mess. Maybe we could mow it down anyway. *evil grin* I really don't want to start a war. I just want my yard to look nice. We worked really hard on it. Our side looks great. My other neighbor's looks great. Hell the whole street looks great except for them. It is really getting old. I just don't know what to say. I need to be less accomodating. I have accomadated her for years now and nothing has been done about the garden.

This post is getting rambling and I have things to do so I will stop now. O yeah I need to figure out how to add friends on this thing. I feel like a dope.


Anonymous said...

I got this link from the pianoworld one, but too lazy to sign up for a google account. Anyways, about your neighbor, there is probably something wrong with her. I have a 5' 10" grand piano and my closest neighbors barely even acknowledge that I have a piano. Only once have they even said they can hear it.

And I do play at night, in the morning, at any time I please. I suppose I wouldn't if someone complained but I haven't heard anything at all from them. Maybe the walls are really thick. My piano is right in the living/family room of my smallish house.