Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Musical Mayhem

This is my first post and I intend that it be about my musical or so attempted musical journeys. I have been playing for approximately 6 months. I am currently working on On Wings of Song and it is driving me nuts. I spent 40 min. on it today and just cannot get the chords. When I do I will post this as a clip. Here is a link to a clip of it. I sound nothing like this. The clips are on the side.

Earlier today my neighbor complained she could hear me in her kitchen. Now our houses aren't that close and as it is my house I feel I ought to be able to play at least during the day when I want. I do not play at night so I fail to see what she is complaining about. She said she would get drums. I said it would be great we could jam together. Not exactly what she wanted to hear I think. Oh well.

Today I practiced for 45 min