Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Practice Practice

Well today I practiced for an hour and my fingers are killing me. i still am having trouble with the chords in On Wings of Song. I am about half way through it and am not certain I will ever see the end although my teacher has every confidence.

On a more positive note my daughter's recital is coming up next weekend and she is totally ready. You can see her recital from last year here Melissasjourneys! No nerves at all. I wish I could be like that. She is 9 and totally kicks my butt at piano. Of course she has been playing for 2 years longer than me so that is all in her favor.

This is our piano


sportsgirl132 said...

Hi Melissa.

This is Cindy from PianoWorld.

Don't get discouraged about your piece. Are you breaking it up into small chunks? My teacher tells me to take a few measures a day in a difficult piece and play them 10-20 per day...moving on to a little more everyday.
I find that my progres sis really limited whne I tackle the entire piece at once. Just a thought.

Hey , just think how much your neighbor will love hearing repetitive small passagework !

Keep your head up. We've all been there with a piece. I played "Over the Waves" for THREE weeks/lessons because I couldn't get the pedal just right. It drove me nuts. Then my teacher asked me if I wanted to play it for the recital and I said, "Absolutely freakin' not".